My Hobby


I like watching people from a distance. Sometimes from my balcony, sometimes from a park bench, or simply in a restaurant sipping my coffee and watching people outside the glass pane.

Some might argue, is it not disturbing to myself, because there is much chaos in the outside world, and I better mind my own business. Well, that is about right.

However, I find my practice very relaxing. Even if something good is happening outside, or is it something bad; in both cases, I can keep myself detached from the situations. I do not involve, I just watch. It makes me realize, that everything happening around me is not explicitly concerned with me. If it is happening, it is happening like the zillion other events in the universe.

Everything happens for its own reasons, we need to look if it is concerned with us, or not. If it does, I get up and fight for it with both hands. If it doesn’t, I would be there, sipping my coffee, watching it all off the glass pane.


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