No one in the world can give us anything. What you possess are the very things you earned for yourself.

And it is not all about having bills and coins, it’s about how we think, how we feel, and ultimately the person we are turning into.

Times change, people change. After 40 years from now, you will look back and laugh at yourself. Not because you were being foolish, but simply because you can. Because then, you will be finally free, you no longer need to act like someone to get something or be with somebody for any reason.

It is our own dependencies which shackle us, and lead us to unwanted situations. If we are content with ourselves, then there is nothing we need from others.


One thought on “Needs

  1. When the sideshows of the world are merely distractions, no longer holding my heart captive, I discover something money cannot buy; love. The ultimate gift from Me to me.
    The things that capture our hearts. Is it any wonder the things that don’t?

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