A Modern Classic Movie : Dum Lagake Haisha

I recently watched this Hindi Bollywood movie, “Dum Lagake Haisha”. and here is my opinion about it.

It;’s been long since I watched a real matinee movie. Most movies these days are just too shiny that it blurs the reality. Not to mention the 3D movies that are just flooding through the multiplexes. There have been few movies which I would recommend for watching the second time. this movie was different.

The main focus of the movie is to prove that you do not have to be perfect to be in a perfect relationship. The boy is not very highly educated and the girl is not very beautiful. just the two average people with an average family. Through the little things of everyday, they learn each other. and respect for the good in each other.

I find this awesome. the movie is well made, with direction an performances all natural. this is the movie we needed in a long time. and as the marriage season is starting in our country, I believe a lot of awesome couples will be made.

Lets hope all of us can look trough the good and bad and find the perfection in our relationship this season.


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