Note from a bumpy bus

Here i am typing on my phone, in a shaking bus.
The road is full of beautiful mountains, trees and villages throughout the way. However, the road is full of turns and twists and bumps. Not a fairy tale, not a nightmare. Just another day to my work.

Telling you about my work, my job is to simplify things for people. I work as a computer engineer in the office of the largest underground coal mine of Asia. The bigger they get, the more complex they become. The task of simplifying gets tough and tougher.

To reach the mines,

It is a 90 minute bus ride from home to office. For the first two months, i literally prayed for the bus for a safe ride.

Then, with time, it all became part of routine. Now i dlnt even care about the twists and turns and bumps.

The key to simplifying is abstraction. If you focus on the big picture, the small details get vanished quickly. Only then you can find real simplicity.

Well, now when i have my mind off of the bumps on the road….i can enjoy the mountains and trees along thr way.